Strengthening Partnerships
and Reaching Communities (SPARK)

Clearfield County Communities That Care (CTC) is a research-based strategy that seeks to address five adolescent problem behaviors: substance abuse, delinquency, teen pregnancy, school drop-out, and violence. 

The CTC process focuses on identifying the underlying risk and protective factors that relate to each of these problem behaviors. The efforts of the Clearfield County CTC are led by the Collaboration and Prevention Board, which represents county government, school districts, human service providers, community leaders, concerned citizens, parents, and youth. The Board engages in annual strategic planning to develop and monitor a comprehensive countywide prevention plan. Risk factors are prioritized and Board member agencies seek to implement proven programs, known as "Promising Approaches," that have been developed to address those risk factors and strengthen protective factors. The Board also strives to educate and involve the community in this effort.


  • Broad based community participation on the Clearfield County Collaboration and Prevention Board is encouraged.

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