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Cen-Clear Child Services (CCS), headquartered in Philipsburg, PA, is dedicated to providing services to children and families from locations in Blair, Cambria, Cameron, Centre, Clearfield, Elk, Huntingdon, and Jefferson Counties as well as some select programs in adjoining counties. We serve more than 1,700 families and 3,300 children annually in a variety of programs and services.

Cen-Clear operates Early Head Start, Early Intervention, Head Start, Full Day-Full Year Head Start, Pre-K Counts and many other programs for young children and their families. To learn more about these programs and their eligibility requirements, click on Early Childhood Programs in the top navigation menu. Families and children will find a variety of behavioral health support services and programs available through Cen-Clear Child Services. Click on Behavioral Health Programs in the top navigation menu.
Many programs are offered to benefit families and children of all ages throughout our communities. To learn more about these programs, including the NYPUM program for teens and Project DAD, click on Community Programs in the top navigation menu.

Cen-Clear Child Services, Inc. (CCS) was established in 1980 as a private non-profit corporation serving Centre and Clearfield Counties in Central Pennsylvania. Cen-Clear has continually responded to unmet needs in the community and has developed numerous programs and services to meet those needs. These include Early Head Start and Early Intervention, Head Start and Full-Day/Full-Year Head Start, the Head Start Child Care Partnership, Family Centers, behavioral health services for children and their families, recreation services, and other family support services. Most of these programs and services are collaborative efforts with other agencies such as the Office of Children, Youth and Family Services, Mental Health/Mental Retardation programs, the Children's Aid Society, and school districts, as well as numerous child care providers.

Cen-Clear serves well over 1,700 families and 3,300 children annually. Services are also provided in Blair, Cambria, Cameron, Elk, Huntingdon, Jefferson, and portions of the adjoining counties.

Mission Statement
Cen-Clear Child Services, Inc. is an organization dedicated to leading our community with superior quality and innovative services to children and families by providing physical, social, emotional, educational and leadership development.

Belief in the importance that parents are the prime educators of children has led Cen-Clear Child Services, Inc. to adopt the philosophy of "Reaching Children Through Families."